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Cary Grant, Honorary Academy Award® winner (1970), stars in 'The Howards of Virginia', a stirring romantic adventure set during the turbulent years of Colonial and Revolutionary America. Beautiful young Virginian Jane (Martha Scott) steps down from her proper aristocratic upbringing when she marries down-to-earth surveyor Matt Howard (Grant). Deeply in love, they move to the backwoods and begin to raise their family. Major differences emerge, however, when the conservative Jane and her Tory father rebel against Matt's staunch democratic ideals. Eventually, Matt joins the Colonial forces in the fight for freedom against England, and Jane and Matt are forced to choose between their love for each other and their political beliefs. Exciting and dramatic, 'The Howards of Virginia' is a tumultuous tale of love and adventure. DVD klassieke films, NL ondertiteling - Production Year: 1940 Rating: AL Running Time: 111 min. DVD Release: 25-3-2003 Cary Grant as Matt Howard Martha Scott as Jane Peyton Howard Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Fleetwood Peyton Alan Marshal as Roger Peyton Richard Carlson as Thomas Jefferson Paul Kelly as Captain Jabez Allen Irving Bacon as Tom Norton Elisabeth Risdon as Aunt Clarissa Anne Revere as Mrs. Betsy Norton
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