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Leatherman Volume 1&2
Leatherman Volume 1&2 Volume 1: Stuffing an old bag full of contents from a safe, Cruz hops on his motorcycle and faces an uncertain future. His past lover, Shisui, is called on by the boss, Ramone, to bring Cruz back with the bag, or eliminate him permanently. An exciting adventure follows Cruz as he encounters beautiful women, from the young woman obsessed with UFO's to a shell-shocked policewoman. Throughout his sexy adventures, Shisui is always after him, swearing to capture fer former lover, and complete her assignment. What is the secret inside Cruz's bag? Will he be able to successfully run from Shisui? Volume #2: Filling his bag with contents from a safe, Cruz drives off on his motorcycle to evade capture. He is injured during a daring escape, and is carried into a hospital. During his short stay, he manages to seduce a nurse. Watching her co-workers torrid tryst, Yoshimi, a nurse also makes her sexy body available to Cruz. Checking himself out of the hospital, Cruz continues his escape. He makes a short stop to have some sexy playtime with Yumiko. Continuing with his journey, Cruz picks up a runaway, Mihono. After she steals his bag, she tries to hitchhike to the next town in a car with two guys. However, the money in the stolen bag is accidentally revealed, and she ends up blindfolded and bound in a hotel, while the two men discuss what to do with the money and Mihono. Will she be able to escape? Will Cruz find her and his bag in time? Hentai Manga Sex DVD Anime - Import geen NL ondertiteling
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