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DVD Marianne Faithfull - Dreaming my Dreams

Muziek DVD Marianne Faithfull


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Marianne Faithfull is one of the most famous and infamous artists of our time; an icon of the Sixties. This videography takes us through the early days of Marianne's life, who at 17 recorded the hit single `As Tears Go By` -- the first song ever to be written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. She talks intimately about her relationship with John Dunbar, a man at the center of the '60s scene in London; life with Mick Jagger and the Stones, and how she plunged deeper into drugs. Marianne takes us through her life on the `wall` as an addict in London, associations with fringe elements, her attempts at rehabilitation and how she finally kicked the habit after a near-death experience. After pursuing a film career, she tells us how her first love was still music and marked her return to the recording industry by writing and recording the hit album Broken English. We see her special expressive talent for music featured on this DVD through the following tracks: Vagabond Ways Broken English Working Class Hero The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan As Tears Go By Dreaming My Dreams Muziek DVD Marianne Faithfull: Dreaming My Dreams - Speelduur: 90 min. - Productiejaar: 1999 - DVD release: 21-11-2000 - Beeld: Full Frame 1.33:1 Marianne Faithfull als Herself Keith Richards als Himself John Dunbar als Himself Anita Pallenberg als Herself
EAN 3259130115291

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