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DVD Sebastian Bach - Forever Wild

Muziek DVD Sebastian Bach


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Sebastian Bach first came to fame in the mid-80’s as the charismatic and controversial lead singer of the hugely successful rock band Skid Row with whom he had a string of hit singles and albums before embarking on a solo career in the mid-90’s. He has since been part of a band, The Last Hard Men, released a solo album, been a TV presenter and appeared on Broadway. This DVD combines live footage of Sebastian and his band performing in the intimate surroundings of the famous Whisky-A-Go-Go in Hollywood together with excerpts from his VH1 TV series Forever Wild and an archive performance by The Last Hard Men. The tracklisting combines Skid Row classics such as 18 & Life, Slave To The Grind, Monkey Business, Youth Gone Wild and I Remember You with later tracks such as The Most Powerful Man In The World. Tracklisting:- 1) Sleep - performed by The Last Hard Men 2) Slave To The Grind 3) Piece Of Me 4) Frozen 5) Bach In The Basement (VH1) 6) Here I Am 7) Mic Technique (VH1) 8) Parasite 9) 18 & Life 10) Hangin’ With Ted Nugent (VH1) 11) Blasphemer 12) Riot Act 13) Sweet Little Sister 14) Race Car Drivin’ with Vince Neil (VH1) 15) In A Darkened Room 16) Monkey Business 17) Bach Fu (VH1) 18) The Most Powerful Man In The World 19) I Remember You 20) Eternal Life 21) Youth Gone Wild 22) Golf Cart Madness (VH1) Muziek DVD Sebastian Bach: Forever Wild - Speelduur: 110 min. - Beeld: Full Frame 1.33:1 - DVD Release: 1-12-2005 Sebastian Bach als Vocals Larry Fisher als Bass Jimmy Flemion als Guitar & Backing Vocals Mark `BamBam` McConnell als Drums Richie Scarlett als Guitar & Backing Vocals
EAN 05034504937475

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