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DVD Status Quo - Pictures - Live at Montreux 2009

Muziek DVD Status Quo Live at Montreux


EAN 5034504975644  

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Opening Caroline The Wanderer Rain Don't Drive My Car Mean Girl / Softer Ride Beginning of the End Is There a Better Way Proposing Medley: What You're Proposing/Down the Dustpipe/Littly Lady/Red Sky/Dear John/Big Fat Mam Pictures of Matchstick Men/Ice in the Sun The Oriental Creepin' Up on You In My Chair Living on an Island In the Army Now The Killer (drum solo) Roll Over Lay Down Down Down Whatever You Want Rockin' All Over the World Junior's Wailing Rock 'n' Roll Music / Bye Bye Johnny Speelduur: 142 min.
EAN 5034504975644

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