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DVD Status Quo - XS All Areas

Rockmuziek DVD Status Quo - Greatest Hits


EAN 0602498242841  

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Tracklist 1.Caroline 2.Down Down 3.Paper Plane 4.Big Fat Mama 5.Roll Over Lay Down 6.Don't Waste My Time 7.Little Lady 8.Mystery Song 9.Rain 10.Break The Rules 11.Something 'Bout You Baby I Like 12.Hold You Back 13.Rockin' All Over The World 14.Whatever You Want 15.Don't Drive My Car 16.Again And Again 17.Forty-Five Hundred Times 18.All Stand Up (Never Say Never) 19.Jam Side Down 20.Creepin' Up On You 21.Pictures Of Matchstick Men 22.In My Chair 23.Gerdundula 24.Wild Side Of Life 25.Rock 'N' Roll 26.What You're Proposin' 27.Ol' Rag Blues 28.The Wanderer 29.Living On An Island 30.Runaway 31.A Mess Of Blue 32.Marguerita Time 33.Rollin' Home 34.In The Army Now 35.When You Walk In The Room 36.Burning Bridges 37.Fun, Fun, Fun 38.Old Time Rock And Roll 39.Anniversary Waltz Part I 40.Anniversary Waltz Part II Rockmuziek DVD Status Quo Xs All Areas - DVD release 2005
EAN 0602498242841

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