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DVD WetWetWet Playing away at Home

Muziek DVD WetWetWet Live at Celtic Park, Glasgow 1997


EAN 5036369801298  

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WetWetWet Concert. Playing away at home. Live at Celtic Park, Glasgow 7th September 1997. Songlist: 1-Sweet Little Mystery, 2-Wishing I Was Lucky, 3-Strange, 4-Lonely Girl, 5-Temptation, 6-Sweet Surrender, 7-Goodnight Girl, 8-Lip Service, 9-I Can Give You Everything, 10-Julia Says, 11-Somewhere Somehow, 12-Don't Want To Forgive Me Now, 13-If Only I Could Be With You, 14-East Of The River, 15-If I Never See You Again, 16-Beyond The Sea, 17-Maybe I'm In Love, 18-Love Is All Around Muziek DVD WetWetWet Playing Away at Home - Speelduur: 90 min. - DVD release: 2008 - Beeld: Full Frame 1.33:1 Marti Pellow, Graeme Duffin & Neil Mitchell
EAN 5036369801298

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