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Eric Clapton - This song for George

Japan Tour 2001 Bodukan


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Budge for George Tonight show was filmed for Japanese TV program with Hi-vision (HDTV) system. It was excellent show and tonight film will be his best performance on film ever. He seems bit nervous when he appeared on stage. Opening tune was `Key to the highway`on Solo. And Band joined for him, he took L-5CE and proceeded to `Reptile`. It was same as other nightc. But He mentioned `this one's for TAK` when he start `Bellbottom blues`.(TAK is Japanese tour manager who take care Eric since late '70s. But now he is in hospital.) and he played good slos on next tune `Change the world`. He looked to take off during these songs. And he put into high-gear in electric set. `River of tears` was very exciting, this one was even better than last Osaka show. YES!! I must be one of best play ever listen, even for whom went his concert more than hundred times. Next `Going down slow` was very good too. `She's gone` was played very hard. Of cause, It was very good. Then he took of his glass after this song. Budge was dedicated to George. When he start this song, He said `This one's for George` This is first time he mentioned George on stage after he passed away. This comment will remain forever, in film. There were tears in audience's eyes. Slow Blues was `Five long years` that what we want. His emotional vocal was remarkable, not only guitar solos on this tune. His vocal on this song was best ever I heard. He made audience very excited with his play on `Cocaine` and many audiences were standing on the floor, even after `Wonderful tonight`. It was unusual situation in Tokyo, He played lots of solo on Plugged `Layla`, He gave good guitar solos on both first half and later half. And he left from stage once. He appeared again with gold leaf Stratcaster in encore, `Sunshine` was very strong and It was hot even in December night. `Rainbow` rises after `Sunshine`. Setlist was same as other night. But his play was completely different from ever. How lucky it was filmed, Japanese broadcasting system did great job. It might be World Heritage and will remains forever, with word of `This one's for George`. 1 Key To The Highway 2 Reptile 3 Got you on My Mind 4 Tears In Heaven 5 LayLa 6 Bell Bottom Blues 7 Change The World 8 River Of Tears 9 Going Down Slow 10 She's Gone 11 I Want a Little Girl 12 Badge 13 Hoochie Coochie Man 14 FIve Long Years 15 Cocaine 16 Wonderful Tonight 17 LayLa 18 Sunshine Of Your Love 19 Somewhere Over The Rainbow Muziek DVD Eric Clapton This song for George - Japan tour 2001 Bodukan
EAN 4011778979500

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